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Toot Hill Maths department continues to improve and develop. The new National Curriculum in Mathematics has been an exciting recent development. It encourages students to apply their mathematical skills to everyday life and uses an investigative approach to learning. The success of the department is also reflected in the uptake of A Level Mathematics with a record number of approximately 60 students opting for the AS Level course.

Starting on entry to the school in year 7, students are taught in tiered groups setted on ability based on thorough assessments. Student setting continues to be reviewed each term during Key Stage 3. Top set students have a specially enhanced programme designed to make strong academic demands on them and to further their interest and enthusiasm for the subject. Investigative and exploratory work is encouraged in the learning of Mathematics together with a strong emphasis on the essential algebraic, numeric and geometric skills.

In any year, a mixture of learning activities is used, including teacher led discussions and tasks, small group investigations, use of ICT, practical projects and text book practice. To assist in our teaching, every classroom has an interactive whiteboard. Our aim is to make mathematics as accessible and enjoyable as possible for all our students through the use of a variety of teaching methods to accommodate different learning styles.

August 2020


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