Year 9

Head of Year
Miss N Ward
Assistant Head of Year
Miss B Marshall

Tutor Sets and Tutors 2019/2020

  • 9.1: Ms L Lee
  • 9.2: Miss A Birkin
  • 9.3: Mrs B Prior
  • 9.4: Ms A Saward / Mr M Merrick
  • 9.5: Ms S Devine
  • 9.6: Ms C Robson
  • 9.7: Ms H Barker
  • 9.8: Ms V Wickens / Mrs J Myers
  • 9.9: Mrs J Hughes / Mrs J Myers
  • 9.10: Miss A Zaffarese
  • 9.11: Miss H Bremner
  • 9.12: Mr A Surridge-Taylor
  • 9.13: Mrs L Evans / Mrs K Noone


It is expected that pupils in Year 9 do about 40-60 minutes of homework per subject per week and record each piece of homework given in their own planner. It would be helpful if parents regularly checked pupils' planners and pass on any concerns to the Head of Year or relevant Head of Department.

Homework details may be viewed on the Insight system.

Internal Assessments

Have a look at the Keep Up Not Catch Up section for more information.


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